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  • Why European Union invested $ 1.3 billion in graphene research?

    Graphene, why will he conquer the world?

    Register domain name Graphene

    Hello dear reader, welcome to!
    Today I will talk about a metal that promises to revolutionize several business segments.
    If you look to the future when thinking about investing in domain name, you should read this post.
    Prospecting experts, lets you state that graphene domains will achieve excellent breakeven.
    A graphene success story, is the Head racket brand.
    Made with graphene, the head rackets are ultra light and very sturdy.
    Used by one of the greatest tennis players of that decade, Novak Djokovic.
    Let's find out together in this article because graphene is so promising!

    People get fuel from anything.
    There is hope to end the water shortage on earth, thanks to ocean water being able to become drinkable.
    The metals stopped rusting.
    People do not need light bulbs.
    The lamps have been replaced with glossy wallpapers.
    Humans are becoming bionic.
    What we are talking about is not the latest science fiction film, it is a very likely and very near future.
    Thanks to wonderful material called Graphene!
    But, the most interesting thing about this metal of the future is being able to produce it in your living room.
    Want to find out how? Keep reading.

    What is Graphene and why is he so incredible?

    Infographics graphene

    By future projections, you can have an excellent Markup if you register or even buy graphene domains now. Understand more.
    One of the things that makes Graphene such a special metal is its thickness.
    Graphene is a carbon sheet of the thickness of a single atom.
    Three million sheets of graphene on top of each other would be one millimeter thick, with high degree of strength and flexibility.
    It's over 100,000 times thinner than a hair, says John Lettow, CEO of Vorbeck.
    Graphene is 200 times stronger and lighter than steel.
    It has only one atom thick, it means it is two-dimensional and you can hold that single layer of atoms in your hands.
    Able to conduct electricity more quickly, accurately and efficiently than any other known material.
    The reason is that the electrical current density of graphene is 1000 times faster than copper.
    Ultra light, seven times lighter than air.
    Its intrinsic mobility is far superior to that of silicon.
    Initial studies have shown that the speed of electrons in graphene is 1000 km/s (60 times faster than silicon, which is the element currently used in semiconductors, transistors for chips, solar cells, and a myriad of electronic circuits).
    Electrons have no resistance when they move through Graphene.
    Graphene has a smaller Joule effect;
    It loses less energy in the form of heat by conducting the electrons.
    The law of Joule (also known as Joule effect or thermal effect) is a physical law that expresses the relation between the heat generated and the electric current that runs through a conductor in a certain time.
    In this way, when an electric current passes through an electric conductor, the conductor heats up, emitting heat. This phenomenon is called the joule effect. Therefore, the joule effect, also known as thermal effect, is caused by the collision of the free electrons against the atoms of the conductors.
    Is transparent - transmits 97.3% of light;
    Graphene's new batteries will be able to hold ten times more electricity than the "existing ones".
    Researchers at Northwestern University have created a battery that keeps the phone charged for more than a week and only takes 15 minutes to recharge.

    Graphene is incredibly stretchable stretching up to 25 times of its length.

    This material is very rigid, in fact the strongest ever known.
    Web spider if made with graphene would be able to hold a falling aviation and prevent it from colliding on the ground.
    Your stamina outweighs the diamonds and that's not all, imagine an elephant on a sharp pencil not being able to punch it!

    Graphene Versatility
    Graphene is so versatile that it goes far beyond the high performance of electric transmission.

    a) Radioactive decontamination
    Graphene oxide extracts radioactive substances from water solutions, enabling decontamination of water resources (including underground) affected by accidents such as the Japanese Fukushima plant.

    b) Auto Industry
    Graphene, one of the most resistant materials ever produced, began to be applied to the anticorrosive coating of metal structures. Because of its physico-chemical properties it is a non-toxic alternative to traditional coatings of steel structures.
    Automotive industry studies the manufacture of cars with graphene chassis that are not only safer, but act like solar panels that charge the battery.

    c) Flexible displays that can be folded
    An example is the screens of tablets and smartphones that, when they fall, break. Graphene would be used for the production of a touch screen, flexible, transparent and unbreakable. It would replace the ITO (Indium Doped Tin Oxide) currently used in sensitive screens;
    Researchers at Samsung's technology institute in South Korea, have announced they have discovered how to create layers of silicon mixed with high-quality graphene, a decisive step in producing transistors on a large scale. Uncontestable Samsung has already shown the first foldable Smartphone.
    Researchers at IBM and Nokia have also been testing the material on sensors, transistors and memory storage.

    d) Accelerate the internet
    It has been proven that graphene can perform the conversion of optical to electrical information with a speed about 100 times faster than the electric converters;

    e) Others
    In the production of sensors, because the graphene is totally formed by surface area;
    In photonic devices;
    In the aerospace, naval, automotive and civil industries;
    In the biomedical area, for example, to make flexible and light prostheses, in addition to implants;
    In telecommunications;
    In the generation of energy, as in solar panels, in hydrogen cells and in batteries of great duration;
    In more sensitive cameras;
    In high speed cables;
    In paintings that absorb energy.

    Graphene Differential
    Another Graphene quality that scientists find extremely interesting is that it expands when cooled and shrinks under heat.
    There are no examples of other materials with similar properties.
    All the normal substances we know to this day act in exactly the opposite way.
    They become larger when heated and smaller when cooled.
    Can be used in electronics to dissipate heat.

    Graphene Impermeability
    No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to squeeze even a single helium atom through Graphene.
    This makes this metal the most impermeable material ever discovered, so Graphene can function as a gas detector.
    While atoms have difficulty passing Graphene, electrons roam!
    According to Professor Geim, this characteristic makes this material perfect for experiments in high-speed quantum physics.

    What are the limits to Graphene? The sky?

    The sky is not the limit, invest in graphene domain names!

    There are countless benefits that this material will provide for humanity.

    Display Revolution
    A display with graphene would confer flexibility, conductivity, speed and something incredible.
    The way we see it has, we access the computer will also change. Graphene and its high flexibility properties, extra fine, extremely strong, almost 100% transparency, will allow revolutionary display!
    It will allow mirrors, car windows, windows and other surfaces to function as a TV display.

    Graphene - Key all future bandwidth demands
    Graphene can convert optical to electrical 100 times faster than current. That is, an internet 100 times faster than we know it today.

    Health care
    Scientists at the University of Illinois have discovered that graphene can aid in the detection of non-body cancer cells; Researchers at the University of Texas who have invented temporary tattoos using graphene.
    These tattoos are far from being a simple body decoration, they are able to accompany a person's vital signs including their level of hydration and skin temperature.

    Graphene Molecular Sieve for Sea Water
    Graphene is the answer to the water crisis that many countries face.
    Scientists at the University of Manchester in England have found a solution to a problem that affects 1.2 billion people worldwide. Graphene remove salt from sea water and allow its consumption.
    In a study published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, the researchers report that they created a type of "molecular sieve" with modified graphene oxide membranes.
    Salinized water filtration process, these thin layers of the material were used for selected molecules (such as water) to leave, while others (such as salt) were retained.
    Next step is to stagger this process.
    Pretend to extend this technology to filter ions.
    The United Nations estimates that 14 percent of the world's population will suffer from water shortages in 2025.
    Ram Devanathan believes that conventional desalination methods use a lot of energy and cause great environmental impact. "In addition, energy production consumes large amounts of water and creates wastewater that needs to be treated with more energy."
    Graphene oxide would be a cheaper solution and will help save the environment.
    Know more in the link below: Desalination by Graphene

    Australia is investing in this desalination technology through Graphene.
    By 2018, Australian scientists have been able to purify sea water and let it drink after a single filtration. They called it Graphair.

    Graphene can make Iron Man and Black Panther real
    A single layer of Graphene is unbelievably strong, imagine two?
    Researchers at Georgia Tech recently demonstrated how two layers of Graphene atoms will remain intact after scientists attempt to drill them with a diamond tip.

    Graphene Batteries for EV Car
    University of Córdoba in partnership with Graphenano and Grabat Energy have developed a battery for electric cars, capable of offering a range of 1000 km per charge.
    Recalling that Graphene is a thousand times better conductor of electricity than other known substances, it is possible to have efficiency and lower charge time.
    Today the EV Car has a range of 400 km. Charging time total part of 10 hours in 220 V sockets and up to 52 hours in 110 V sockets.
    The creators of the Graphene battery, guarantees autonomy of 1000 km and full charging in just eight minutes.
    Were you surprised? Curious? Let's put an elephant instead of a flea behind your ear! Institute of Science and Technology of Gwangju, South Korea, have created a Graphene battery with a capacity of 400 kw in just 16 seconds when the bus makes stops for loading and unloading.

    Recharging gadget
    New batteries made with graphene will be able to recharge extremely fast, it is possible that they will reach full load in just 15 minutes.

    Running shoes for a new generation of athletes
    Running shoes, were tested in the laboratories of the University of Manchester. The difference compared to other running shoes, this in the fact that your rubber outsole is made with an addition of graphene.
    Result, they are much more elastic and stronger than those of traditional material. Synonymous with durability!

    Dye safe for hair
    Graphene can also be used in the beauty industry.
    A perfect alternative to the current hair dyes, of which, most are still toxic and harmful to the hair.
    In 2018 scientists at Northwest University discovered that graphene can be as effective as hair paints without the need for toxic molecular ingredients.
    In addition, unlike other hair dyes, graphene has anti-bacterial properties of thermal dissipation and antistatic.
    The experts sprayed a graphene oxide gel onto blond hair and allowed it to dry for 10 minutes, the wires were covered with a graphene film that was only two microns thick.
    All participants reported that the color remained even after 30 washes.

    A world without rust
    I have already mentioned that graphene is virtually impermeable, so a single coat of graphene-based paint will be able to prevent rust and corrosion.
    Copper plates covered with this paint can be used as containers to contain extremely corrosive acids.

    Graphene and Spider Web
    Graphene is a formidable material. Able to revolutionize the biomaterial.
    In induction biogenetic experiments, spiders were fed with water enriched with graphene and the result was surprising.
    The silks presented better mechanical properties in relation to the silks collected from the same spiders, with a significant increase in the strength, tenacity and elasticity of the biocomposite silk threads. The strongest silk strands had a fracture strength of up to 5.4 Giga Pascal (GPa), 3 times stronger than unmodified silks, as well as a 10-fold increase of the toughness modulus to 2.1 Giga Pascal (GPa ).
    This study aims to create ultra resistant material, modified by the association of graphene.

    Bright Wallpaper
    Graphene can transform bulbs from inside a residence into something of the past.
    A sleek glossy wallpaper with electrodes made of graphene, will provide pleasant and adjustable lighting for homes.
    In addition, this lighting will be more energy efficient than modern lamps.

    Space Elevator
    This idea emerged in 1979 in Sir Arthur Clarke's science fiction novel, The Sources of Paradise.
    The elevator described in the book looked like a tower with paper-thin walls and hollow interior.
    Its sides were distant 19 meters and its height reached 35,400 km.
    An idea of ​​such a lift sounds completely strange, but if it were built the sidereal space would become easily accessible.
    Until recently the main problem was to find materials light and strong enough to withstand such an elevator.
    However, with the discovery of Graphene, in a few years, something of the genre can finally come out paper.

    Graphene Discovery
    Dr. Konstantin Novoselov and teacher Andre Geim discovered this wonderful material in 2004 at the University of Manchester.
    In 1 mm of graphite there are 3 million layers of Graphene!
    They were examining the effectiveness of graphite as a transistor and discovered Graphene.
    Placing the graphite on a tape insulated a new layer, Graphene!
    The discovery of Graphene earned them the 2010 Nobel Prize.
    Surprisingly Graphene is not a single or rare substance; In fact it has the same carbon structure as the graphite you use every day when drawing or writing with pencil.

    You can make graphene at home
    Provided you have the time and patience.
    You will need several pieces of tape and a graphite pencil. After depositing a thick layer of graphite and a piece of paper, use the tape to remove one layer of graphite.
    Then use a second piece of adhesive tape to remove a layer of graphite from the first piece of tape, the third piece of adhesive tape will peel a layer of graphite from the second and so on; If you are patient enough, you will notice how the layers of graphite become thinner and thinner.
    At the end you should have a single layer of graphite that will be our two-dimensional graphene.
    This method can be a little tiresome but it won a Nobel Prize.

    What is missing for Graphene to take the lead in this century?

    Production cost!
    1. In 2012 the cost to cover a small pinhead with Graphene was approximately $ 1.1k.By 2015 it was already possible to buy 10 grams of Graphene for a thousand dollars.
    2. Due to the optimized production methods, experts expect the price of this substance to decrease even more, and possibly to become as low as the cost of raw material graphite.
    3. Graphene has enormous potential, and that is why the European Union has committed $ 1.3 billion to research that is expected to last a decade (2013-2023).
    4. It's worth mentioning that no one invests $ 1.3 billion in adventure and daydreaming. There is a solid expectation that this metal will assume the leading role that once belonged to silicon and other materials.
    5. This research is intended for Graphene innovation breakthroughs in healthcare, electronics, construction and energy.

    I'm sure we'll hear a lot about graphene in the near future!

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  • Domain Name Foldable - Keyword High Relevance Business 2019

    Foldable Domain Name - New Business Opportunity for 2019

    Register Foldable Domains Name. A new era of flexibility is emerging.

    Hello dear friend and blog reader!

    Domainyx, once again, brings first-hand an analysis of the foldable technology that must dominate far beyond smartphone in 2019.

    Keyword Foldable, emerges as a strong trend in several segments, providing numerous business opportunities.

    Take advantage of our tip and the opportunity to invest in domain name foldable.

    Our analysis is based on the growing wave and race for this novelty.

    Folding Helmet
    More than 90% of cyclists, do not wear helmet.

    Folding technology is revolutionizing the lives of cyclists

    Of these 90%, 82%, says not to use because of portability.

    The foldable technology is more than convenience, it is also efficiency and product shortage adjustable to the daily needs of cyclists.

    This opportunity opened doors for Morpher and other companies to create foldable helmet.

    Morpher is changing for the better, cyclists' lives! Thanks to its foldable, easily packed inside the bag.

    Foldable Smartphone
    Rumors point that the Korean giant will launch in 2019 the Samgung Galaxy X, being called by Internet users of Sansumg X Foldable.

    It is not official yet, speculation that the Samsung X Foldable should be presented to the public by the end of 2018.

    Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh said last month in an interview with CNBC: Now is the time for Samsung to deliver a foldable smartphone. team estimates it to be something like this:

    Samsung has plunged headlong into collapsible technology, which has already started designing a foldable laptop, all in order not to lose market for Lenovo and LG, who work on the lately of a foldable laptop.

    Huawei confirmed through chairman Jim Xu that the company wants to compete with the Samsung smartphone foldable in 2019.

    Apple also is expected to present a folding smartphone by 2020.

    Motorola is one more player who wants to have a slice of that cake. She has just received a patent for foldable smartphone display.

    Folding Structures Civil Engineering
    Houses, small shops, structure first aid for events and others, bleachers for show, self-deploying solar panel, mobile supermarket, antenna transmission;

    Meet other Folding Designs in Tenfold.

    Foldable Firearm
    Self-defense firearm after the release of a 22-gauge pistol fits in the pocket.

    Foldable card that turns into a gun.

    The company Ideal Conceal also released a 9mm folding pistol.

    Foldable technology arrived in firearms

    The folding gun can easily be mistaken for a smartphone, allowing a pleasant surprise for unsuspecting burglars!

    Folding Photo
    Lets people with their smartphones produce studio-quality photos. All thanks to the low-cost folding studio.

    Foldable Photo Studio within reach of everyone!

    This will revolutionize blog, personal website, small business and more.

    The cost foldable studio is relatively low, easy transportation!

    Folding Forniture
    Today, two things are essential in modern life: Time and Efficiency!

    Is your apartment small? Do not despair! Foldable furniture can help you!

    Multifunctional furniture help in our day day;

    Provide time savings with cleaning, tidying up, best fit to small spaces, costs, outlining, Foldable is Efficiency!

    This market has been growing exponentially every year.

    Foldable Eletric Scooter
    Again Efficiency, Time and Convenience appear in this urban utility!

    Discover how to put a motorcycle inside a backpack, true!

    Foldable, lightweight, easily carried, some fits inside a backpack.

    A great help on chaotic traffic days, short time, all with practicality!

    Foldable Electric Scooter is a great balcony!

    Foldable a Practical Solution for Tomorrow!

    Foldable will become indispensable and routine in everyday life as we evolve and reach higher levels of efficiency.

    Foldable occupies smaller space, foldable synonymous to ease, maximizing transportation and relocation.

    Foldable means lower operating costs, allowing relocation, business flexibility, practicality!

    Foldable can be driven to anywhere at any time, guided to where the money and customers are.

    Foldable allows you to migrate from one place to another and do a lot with only a few units!

    Regions plagued by natural catastrophes, operational need, new challenges, will not be any more problems!

    Want to invest in Foldable Domain Name?

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  • Premium Domain Name dot org is this valuable? Domain Name bubble?

    We prepare performance analysis Domain Name dot org, check it out

    Domainyx:Yes you should The numbers show this check out the full review
    Who could foresee dot org as an escape valve in 2017? And what a surprise: $ 1,429,209.00 in sales!
    Hello dear reader, welcome to our page!
    We prospect the major trends and look for business niche for investment.
    All this so you can register the Premium Domain Name for your own business or sell Domain Name to potential buyers; Good reading!

    Short domain name went up in the stratosphere, but suffered successive price drops.

    This has shaken many investors, hard to find a north to invest.

    Domainer around the world are eager to know where to mine new valuable nuggets.

    Many speculations and domain name prospects in 2017 prompted investors to look for new extensions, but they did not prove solid.

    A strong extension of domain name returned to the spotlight.

    We made a balance of domain name sales released by in 2017;

    And the generic top-level domain (gTLD) dot org performed well. Showing a good investment alternative in domain name. Knowing that all name premium dot com are taken.

    The 198 dot org domain name sold in 2017, exceeded the $ 1.3 million mark.

    We could say in org domains in 2017: That the force was with him!

    Domain Name dot org most valuable in 2017?

    In the accumulated of the year, the biggest sales of org domain were:

    • Three, 
    • Eight, 
    • Six, 
    • Eleven characters!

    Three-character org domain name led the way.

    The second largest sales of org domain name were eight characters.

    In the third position of the org domain name were those of six characters.

    By little difference the org domain name of eleven characters took up the 4th place.

    See the detailed chart of the four best positions in the org accumulated sale ranking of 2017.

    Total Domain Name org sales accumulated in 2017?

    Domainyx: Year 2017 proved that this may surprise, check it out!
    Only these four character sets accounted for more than 50% of the org domain name total sales in 2017

    Total Sales Three characters gTLD org accumulated in the year?

    Domainyx: Lie! They led the sales domain name dot org. But new opportunities will happen!
    Sale of Domain Name gTLD org exceeded $ 250 thousand
    September 2017 was a great month for domainer with domain name portfolio gTLD org.

    September 2017 was evidenced nine sales of domain name dot org of three characters.

    Accumulated in September 2017 for three characters dot org was $ 81,388.00.

    Average price per domain name in September 2017 was $ 9,000 dollars.

    Sales of September 2017, accounted for 31.71% of the amount three characters sold in the year.

    Top sales dot org of three characters:

    •; Sold for the price of $ 48,000.00
    •; Bought at price $ 31,100.00
    •; Sold at $ 23,000.00 and sold to end users. Both have websites online.

    Ton seems to be investor or end user to develop some project.

    How many Eight org characters sold in 2017?

    Domainyx: Year 2017 statistics proved that the best sales of domain names was between 3 to 11 letters.
    Generic Top-level Domain org, eight characters consolidated sales of 2017 at $ 175,515.00

    The eight-character org domain name had the best sales performance in the months of March, September, and December.

    December stood out with a single sale, a unique org domain name, knocked on the door of the 100k.

    December 2017, was a happy month for investors in Crypto currencies, which left the owner of the domain name happy. was responsible for 36.7% of the total dot org sales of eight characters in 2017.

    Top sales dot org of eight characters:

    •; Sold for the price of $ 94,400.00
    •; Bought at price $ 15,000.00
    •; Sold at $ 12,000.00 and sold to end users. Both have websites online.
    Bestrong direct to seems to be an investor or end user to develop some project.

    Domain Name dot org of Six characters reached good performance?

    Domainyx: Everything indicates that the 8 letter domains offered better optimization.
    Domain name dot org of six characters sold the total $ 168,332.00
    If this trend consolidates, it will show that investors in the domain name are adopting new concepts and breaking paradigms.

    It is only to note that the second, third and fourth place with the highest value accumulated in sales in the year 2017, had the average of 8.33 characters.

    March 2017 was the month in which sales domain name org of six characters, had prominence.

    A single sale amounted to $ 75,000.00.

    Followed by June 2017, where two domain name sales, reached $ 32,794.00.

    Still had two more sales in the month of September and October, with an average price of
    $ 11,400.00, by domain name.

    The general average in the year 2017, for sale domain name org with six characters, was $ 9,901.88.

    Top sales dot org of six characters:
    •; Sold for the price of $ 75,000.00
    •; Bought at price $ 20,250.00
    •; Sold at $ 12,544.00
    •; Sold at $ 11,000.00
    •; Sold at $ 11,800.00 and sold to end users. Both have websites online and under construction.,, seems to be an investor or end-user to develop some project.

    Domain Name of Eleven characters accumulated significant values?

    Domainyx: It's OK! Many experts on domain name, also make mistakes. "Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future .. "
    Domain name dot org of eleven characters sold the total $ 168,332.00
    You can refer to the statistics below by analyzing the feasibility of buying and selling domain name dot org 11 characters.

    Trend of domain name not short, Sold well.

    Importantly, two sales of eleven characters, was in the top 5.

    Best month performance to sell domain name eleven character was February and July.

    The average price for the 11-character domain was $ 11,610.43.

    Top sales dot org of eleven characters:
    •; Domain sold $ 55,000.00
    •; Domain sold for $ 48,888.00
    •; Two words almost 20k, $ 18,800.00
    •; Fourth best sale, also good, $ 10,000.00

    All of these domain name sold to end users:,, Everyone has an online site. seems to be an investor or end-user to develop some project.

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  • Sustainable Premium Domain Name - Jump to Success!

    Sustainable Domain - A Great Investment Option

    Register domain name support

    Hello dear reader, welcome to our page!

    We try to prospect on key trends and bring niche business investment niches.

    All this so that you can register Premium Domain Name for your own business or sell 
    Name Domain to potential buyers; Good reading!

    Hello readers friends! Again, it is a pleasure to share my ideas with you!

    Today we will talk about something of extreme importance of subsistence of the next generations.

    The account one day arrives and the world economic balance has shown this imbalance.

    On the one hand the profits of the predatory exploitation "verse" the cost of this behavior ... It turns out that the account does not close, the weights are not equivalent.

    Good thing ... we woke up!

    And we institute the sustainable being the fiel of the balance, nourishing the lungs of the planet, again with oxygen.

    "Perhaps" we have succeeded in ridding humanity of the greatest catastrophe ever announced.

    The new global order is clear and intrinsic: Do you want to sell or buy?

    Be Sustainable!

    Companies without this consciousness are doomed to failure.

    Guidelines, good census and mobilization of nations are creating a sustainable market on the planet.

    If there is a dispute over the sale of similar products, it is clear: The market and the consumer will 
    give preference to buy the sustainable and ecologically correct.

    Thinking of selling or buying domain and maximizing your money professionally? It is important to know about these trends.

    Sustainable Domain - In Which Sector Should I Keep My Focus?

    Global warming has shown one thing: We need to seek new alternative sources of renewable energy, technology and sustainable methods.

    Most of the carbon released into the atmosphere occurs from the energy produced by coal.

    There is gigantic pressure to reduce carbon emissions, and new doors have emerged and clean, renewable energy has proven to be the ideal solution. So invest in these domain.

    It is still important to stress, many of these technologies grant reduction in process costs and tax exemptions.

    Look at the strength of renewable energy domain.

    Recently Solar Pack Corp has closed a large sustainable business with Chile and will provide Solar 

    Energy at the lowest cost in history, $ 29.10 megawatt-hour.

    This confirms the strength of the sustainable favoring balance in the gain of the two parties, indifferent in being buyer or seller.

    Morocco will soon conclude its super solar plant and become a reference in renewable and sustainable energy.

    The government of Piauí (Brazil) is considering exporting sustainable energy generated by its wind farm and solar.

    It is past time for Brazil to invest in renewable energy.

    Northeastern states have sun and wind all year long, with such significant intensity, paying with their backs the initial investment.

    Today, the light bill of a Brazilian family with 4 people is on average R $ 350.00 according to surveys.

    The system of capitation of solar energy by photovoltaic plates costs in average R $ 16,000 thousand.

    You may think it's a high investment, but it's not! The view is really heavy, if you consider the average salary of the Brazilian, however, by dividing this investment, you will see its viability.

    Let's calculate: A year has 12 months. Soon 3 and a half years

    Multiplying 42 months x R $ 400 which is the average consumption of 4 people the final value spent will be R $ 16,800 sixteen thousand and eight hundred reais.

    Sustainable investment in solar energy will give you independence from electric companies, approximately within 3 ½ years after installation.

    And it will still have a margin of R $ 800 in case of possible readjustments that will happen.

    When we hear about investment we think about the stock market, right! But it is possible to invest through measures like this.

    If you liked what you read above, be amazed that it comes now:

    How much money do you think you could save in the next 30 years of your life? Let's get an estimate...

    Little right? So see how much you will spend to buy the companies' electricity for the sustainable use of residential solar power by photovoltaic system:

    Pasme, you would have saved in 30 years R $ 144,000 One hundred and twenty-six thousand reais!

    The sustainable is life-giving oxygen to your financial lungs!

    According to Climatescope, Brazil received over R $ 251 billion in investment in renewable energy projects in the last 9 years.

    Brazil said it should reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 45% over the next 8 years, taking as reference values ​​the emission made in 2005.

    The increase in investment in solar energy in the countries analyzed by Climatescope reaches a surprising 43% mark. This confirms the viability and strong trend in the coming years.

    All this commitment, does a great good to our planet in the face of ethical immorality by deforesting, polluting and draining the life of our planet.

    Let's put our foot on the road and start registering sustainable domain.

    Do not exite: Allow the sun and wind through the domain, illuminate and blow good omens in your life!

    Sustainable Domain - Germany Renewable Energy Reference

    An example of renewable energy to be followed by other governments in the world is what has been done in Germany.

    The awareness of sustainable investment is to fill the eyes of environmentalists with pure joy.

    Not to mention the economy that will bring the country in the short and medium term.

    Scaling up the Germans' application to meet their audacious goal of reducing 95% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 2050, look at the incentives the government is offering its main ally; the population.

    The German people are being encouraged to invest in ever more sustainable energy.

    Through the Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz (renewable energy law), all residents who install a photovoltaic panel in their homes or mixed use of electric and solar energy receive a remuneration from the government as a form of incentive.

    Still the power grid buys surplus at 100 KWP (Kilowatt-Peak) higher than 100 kilowatt if it is willing to sell.

    The country is striding structurally strenuous by investment in renewable energy.

    We must point out that Germany is able to provide clean and sustainable energy through the wind and biogas.

    One of the pillars of all this success is the EUREF. A campus of the Technical University of Berlin where they are developed sustainable energy technology, able to supply electric cars, to charge batteries, and to sell the surplus there is electrical manager of the city.

    Germany gives clear examples of what technology exists, the cost is reasonable in the short time and cheap in the medium and long term, the necessary elements are affordable (main: sun and wind), lack actually political will enable by intelligent mechanisms of Access to this technology.

    The German market is a very fertile ground for investing in Internet domain names in this sustainable energy segment. Enjoy the tip!

    The discipline of the German government is to take the hat! He did not have to wait to make mistakes by visualizing the necessary changes. The Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan was enough in 2011 and the Germans ignited the warning signal.

    Ângela Merkel did not succeed: We will close all nuclear reactors by 2022.

    This allowed new players to participate in this energy restructuring of the country.

    In 5 years these players (sustainable renewable energy) have changed the scenario projected by the most skeptics who claimed that it would be a total failure and impossible to supply the demand with this type of clean energy.

    There are no arguments against these facts, in the last 5 years, 27% of the energy used in the country was from a renewable source (wind, solar, biogas), 3 times higher than a decade ago.

    Current numbers indicate that 33% of the country's energy comes from renewable sources.

    Curiosity (concern): Did you know that Brazil is only the 46th country in the list of the greenest? Yeah! Frustrating ... with all the abundance of natural resources in the country.

    It seems that we have started here: Sustainable BNDES Energy Fund will come into force now in 2017.

    Individuals will have full exemption on income tax, that is, they will not be subject to personal income tax.

    But all is not lost; Even though it is not the reference in ecologically correct solutions, there is still hope!

    Today Brazil occupies the 10th position in the capitation of wind energy in the world.

    Experts estimate the possibility of reaching 600 wind farm in 2019.

    Sustainable Domain - 2017 Renewable Investment Trend

    Investor linked in our post's, willing to make money with domain of the internet or other niches of businesses that can be updated with our matters, note the hint of investment trends in the name of sustainable domain in 2017.

    Notice where the investments are occurring, their robustness and our later summary will help you to register the right domain.

    Application of drone in solar energy
    SunPower is one of the leaders in the solar panel market recently announced through its CEO Tom Werner that the company will use drone in order to reduce operating costs by 30%.

    Drone Domain - Wind Turbine Thermometer
    Understand why drone are beginning to gain ground as a strong ally in the production of sustainable, wind-based energy. This can be your opportunity to register domain and make money connected to this business segment.

    Studies indicate that by 2030 wind energy must account for 20% of the energy used on the planet.

    The wind energy is in the group of renewable, clean energy, of inexhaustible source, without cost of obtaining the raw material.

    A modern wind turbine has a lifespan of 130,000 hours, that is approximately 20 years.

    The conventional maintenance cost of these turbines varies between 1% and 2% of the investment.

    An important fact that comes to Brazil is that we are able to produce 272 TeraWatt / year, or 64% of all electric energy consumed in the country in the first year (424), according to an ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency) report. TW / year).

    Brazil besides serious politicians needs people with this kind of knowledge in order to make the best use of our endless clean and sustainable resources such as the sun and the wind.

    This shows the strength of the investment in renewable energy and the new technologies that have been applied to them in search of better performance and results.
    Drone have received attention when it comes to maximizing results on sustainable resource investment.

    Give Sun Power an example and cost reduction by 30% in your solar energy business niche.
    Okay ... I get it and where does the drone come in? Calm down we'll get there; Before, a little patience, I assure you, all this information is important in building a broad view of this great market.

    Another arm or segment in wind energy that is gaining strength worldwide are offshore wind farm.

    Understand why you have gained strength world-wide:
    The investment in offshore wind farm, has no limitation applied to its use in the soil.

    It has no visual impacts.

    Factor noise pollution x population; Inexistence, then, the distance of the coast cancels this type of problem.

    Wind turbine height may be lower than that practiced in soil, in the purpose of capturing wind at proper speed.

    Due to the absence of physical barriers in the sea this will provide a better efficiency of the turbines, increasing their life time.

    The general wear and tear of wind turbine equipment if left unnoticed and without proper preventive maintenance would bring to the business loss of productivity, unnecessary expenses and considerable costs.

    The competitiveness of the market and the financial health of companies are leading them to the large-scale search for a smart and sustainable solution.

    And it is because of the need of the market that the drone have proved to be efficient and indispensable.

    This type of inspection or inspection that was previously done by people physically in turbines at risk of falls, is now performed by drone.

    Increasing efficiency, eliminating fatal and serious incidents in surveys, allowing a marked improvement in the preventive maintenance process.

    An example here in the smart solution country in the wind power segment is the maintenance service offered by Dron Drone.

    Dron Drone promises maintenance efficiency by avoiding equipment downtime.

    No need for full component replacement and propeller collapses that would increase the cost and make the business unfeasible.

    Research predicts that the wind farm maintenance market by drone will be $ 6 billion by 2024. 

    Considering the main focus of this inspection the blades of the wind turbine.

    Drone Domain - The new cartographic era!
    The methods and technologies associated with the use of drone each passing day prove to be "infinite."

    A new revolutionary era in world cartography goes through a great time and the responsible for this improvement are the drone associated with the need of the sustainable process.

    Today there are specialized companies such as Terra Smart capable of generating cartographic maps through drone with a range of 80 hectares in just 1 hour of flight.

    Flying between 200 and 400 feet in height these cartographic drone have the ability to process high resolution images allowing the development of a 5 megawatt solar energy project in just 48 hours.

    Those who work in this niche know the value and importance of a resource like this in the success of their investment.

    This technology allows tying up success and reducing losses. The precision offered by Terra Smart promises to mitigate significant losses of problem points from such a project with the ability to diagnose critical design points even before leaving the paper or in a very explicit way before the area is cleared for construction.

    The advanced data of this complex system allows for accuracy and accuracy for making a 3D Orthostatic up to 1 inch, that is, orthos of the Greek orthos (rectum, exact) creating an embossed view of about 3 cm of the analyzed place.

    Financially speaking this service offered by Terra Smart is the dream of any investor, reducing losses, maximizing profits, efficiency, response time, everything a successful investment needs.

    The company has been active in the solar energy investment market for only 7 years and already has

    More than 300 large projects delivered.

    The profitability and viability of the business is so great that no part of the investment is outsourced.

    The entire process is performed by Terra Smart's skilled workforce from start to finish.

    This is an investment opportunity on behalf of topographical service domain by drone. In Brazil it is possible to see innovators and visionaries like these, however, focused on agriculture, as is the case with GeoDrones.

    The magnitude of investment and expectation placed on services performed by drone is so great that even AES power supply company is receiving drone inspection solution in an attempt to mitigate its estimated annual loss of 1 billion dollars.

    Sustainable Domain - Let's Register Some?
    Below are some suggestions based on our prognosis of the renewable and sustainable source investment market.

    Invest in domain related to solar energy and derivatives.

    Make your business shine, the sun is at your disposal with all your warmth in favor of your business. 

    Invest in solar energy; Technical assistance and installation of these equipment in residential and business, magazine with sustainable energy material, storage capsules, companies producing such equipment, importers in the large scale distribution.

    Note: The main production of the solar panel is made in China. Use English names for larger market domain. Startup's will look up domain names in English, believe me.

    This animation will give a little understanding of the operation of photovoltaic panels in the capitation of solar energy.

    Investing in wind energy and derivatives

    Keyword domain in the wind energy segment should follow the same line as the solar energy examples, with a unique and important observation Didymio, keep that name, we will soon talk about it. This new player will positively impact the capitation of Brazilian sustainable energy.

    You are the key to our business.
    Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

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