• East Science Valley to Accelerate Sales of VR Premium Domain Name

    I confess: Mistake analysis, planted doubts in my mind

    VR China Park
    Transformers - Statue of Transformers of 53 meters of height. This statue has 750 tons of steel. That's the weight of two Boeing 747s. It cost about $ 11 million.
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    However, I said to myself: Google, Facebook, Samsung, HTC, Alibaba, Baidu, JD.com and other giants, wrong predictions?

    VR app in China
    Chinese giants believe in VR

    Fortunately, they were right, virtual reality in china, begins to emerge from the ashes as a phoenix!

    I almost wondered about the real value of virtual domain of premium domain name.

    Fortunately, I did not give up on VR's commercial domain name!

    So, reveal: Where to Sell VR Domain Name?

    Here is the answer: East Science Valley

    Photos of the East Science Valley

    East Science Valley
    East Science Valley - Park is located in Guiyang, Guizhou province, China. The park has 2,000 acres and built by the Oriental Times Media Corporation. They invested $ 1.5 billion. Project includes hosting, virtual reality creation studio and a research and technological development center.
    East Science Valley 2
    Guardian Gemini Virtual Ride - A space to fight with Dragons

    East Science Valley 3
    Science fiction theater - Much emotion in this space

    East Science Valley 4
    Cinema Virtual Reality - In the center, Cinema Virtual Reality: Tactical sensitivity, rotation 360 degrees horizontal and vertical, Operation supine 72 degrees. 720 degree trim, 5D seating and shivering and bumps. In the bottom left: UFO Museum

    East Science Valley 5
    Beta Star Wars - Beta Star Wars (VR Roller Coaster). Solid roller coaster and VR sunglasses for occupants. Duration of experience: 2 minutes. Number of people per field: 18 people.

    East Science Valley 6
    Restaurant - Probably one of the ends of the dining area of the restaurant.

    East Science Valley 7
    Cafare Town (Cafe) Atrium aerial view

    East Science Valley 8
    Characteristic food street

    East Science Valley 9
    Child restaurant level

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    It was so with the ultra short domain name of letters and numbers;

    This will be the name of premium virtual reality domain.

    Investments by 2020 should exceed $ 13 billion according to Statista.com.

    Global VR Market
    China again main VR player

    No speculation is fact, look! East Science Valley - Very real VR

    The East Science Valley opened its doors in April 2018 for a Mega Reality Park in China.

    Understanding the breadth, this park, is just one of the projects of this scientific and technological base of China.

    More than US $ 1 billion invested so that the experience exceeds expectations.

    All visitors get helmets and headphones for a perfect RV immersion.

    It is the world's first science fiction theme park.

    It has restaurants, shops and futuristic hotel.

    Tickets can be purchased at the park's website.

    Virtual reality in China is hot in full growth, this park, reaching expectations, will bring confidence and will rise to virtual reality.

    In this new chapter of VR history, virtual reality domain name will be obtained at fairer prices than those practiced in recent months.

    Reviving the hope of selling the domain name of the business and have good earnings.

    We will monitor and see if our predictions for virtual reality domain are correct. I would be happy to be able to sell some good VR domain name over the next two years.

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