• What To Learn About Bluefin Tuna Fishing and Premium Domain Name?

    Would you pay $ 1.8 million for a Bluefin Tuna? And domain name?

    Premium Domain Name - Bluefin Tuna
    Similarities of a Premium Domain Name Valuable and Bluefin tuna

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    Would you pay $ 30,000 in a single bluefin tuna?

    Maybe, twenty thousand dollars?

    So, ten thousand dollars?

    Is it a delicacy, a fantastic taste?
    Not yet? OK!

    If I say you will not taste any fish like that on the planet?

    Fond white filaments of fat, providing juiciness and sensation dissolve when bringing the mouth;

    Soft flesh, tender, slightly sweet notes, smooth texture, full fat omega three rich in belly and head compared to any other fish found in the sea.

    Not convinced? OK.

    With 100% certainty of profits, would you pay $ 653,000 for a 269-kg bluefin tuna?
    No? I understand.

    But businessman Kiyoshi Kimura, owner of the restaurant chain Sushi Zanmai in 2012, was the buyer of this 269 kg tuna and paid for it, $ 653,000.

    The business is so profitable that a year later, in 2013 Kiyoshi Kimura returned to buy a blue tuna of 222 kg for the price of 1.8 million dollars.

    Even with 47 kg less, the tuna appreciated almost 300% in a year.

    Japanese restaurants, renowned and with high standard of excellence do not forego using blue tuna in their dishes. The same philosophy of excellence applies to market name domain.

    A perfect domain name dot com is the master key to opening many doors to your business.

    Sometimes you run the risk of getting a seal and frustration comes in the heights, but, you will not catch a big fish if you do not take the risk and throw the hook in the water.

    Similar to the bluefin tuna market, the Domain Name is valuable

    What makes Blue Tuna and a domain name so valuable?

    What makes Blue Tuna and a domain name so valuable?

    For you to understand the analogy of a valuable domain name before, let us together understand why bluefin tuna has reached such high values.

    A key determinant of the demand for bluefin tuna was that Japanese food had popularized the world, and this made the demand for bluefin tuna grow.

    See other considerations that explain the high value:
    • Between 1950 and 2006 fishing more than quadrupled, from 19 million tonnes to 87 million tons, driven by the Supply and Demand Law.
    • Bluefin tuna stocks are estimated to be below 80% in the 1950s.
    • Bluefin takes an average of 10 years to achieve a weight of 100 kg. Therefore, it takes time to reach high weights and size.
    • There are license limitations and when granted are a few fishermen.
    • The legal fishing permit for bluefin tuna determines the fishing of 1 fish per season.
    • Japanese market alone consumes 80% of all blue tuna caught on the planet.

    Through the eyes of the fisherman, understand the difficulty of catching a valuable blue tuna:
    • On average, it takes more than two hours for the fish to approach the surface after it has caught it.
    • The fishing line can rub itself with the case or the propeller of the boat and break up, it needs to have a synchrony between the captain and its immediate ones to avoid this.
    • The adrenaline goes up there when you see the fishing line pull at full speed, but, you must control the euphoria not to lose the fish.
    • When blue tuna pairs next to the boat, it begins the second and more delicate cycle of the process.
    • Not only harpoon the fish, but, do it surgically. Hit him on the back to avoid reaching the animal's large blood vessels which would not be good for the business.
    • Once this is done, tie the tuna's tail to a metal guide between the mouth and the gills and control the head of the tuna.
    • All this with the animal struggling in the water at the edge of the boat. The fisherman must look for the animal and try to dominate it alive.
    • During the fight the blood of the tuna on about 10 degrees, and cool it, will require to sail another two hours with the fish swimming.
    • If the fish die without the body temperature dropping below 20 degrees, this will significantly depreciate the value of the bluefin tuna. Because the flesh will turn dark and taste bad. So every detail is crucial!

    The Law of Supply and Demand made the main domain names, dictionary word, dot com, exhaust for registration at a certain time. Thus, new extensions sponsored or not to "try" to supply the demand.

    This in fact only made the names of dot-com domains more highly relevant. That is, to value the few available reserves for sale of "blue tuna" from the seas of domain names.

    The internet resembles a sea of ​​opportunities flooded day by technological innovations, trends, applications and improvements like what they are calling the 4th Industrial Revolution.

    If you understand being a domain name fisherman, venture out to sea and do not hesitate to play the hook! Even if you take some seals, release them. But insist on tuna fishing, maybe you can catch a Great Blue Tuna.

    Fish the perfect Domain Name, predicting market trends

    Fish the perfect domain name

    Have patience to harpoon it to the right extent to not contaminate and spoil the quality of the domain name.

    Blue tuna should be harpooned on the back, register your domain with the relevant dot com extension or country code (ccTLD). This will ensure the quality of the meat.

    Do not lose it with misleading information that appears to throw your bluefin tuna down the boat, allowing the reel line that connects you to be broken by friction with the boat pulp or propeller.

    As tuna needs to be cooled to reach the ideal temperature for slaughter, let it swim on its accompaniment and record, a few years of renewal mean nothing to the right domain name.

    I wish you all a good fishing and success in finding the Perfect Bluefin and your financial happiness!

    You are the key to our business.
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