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    Who could foresee dot org as an escape valve in 2017? And what a surprise: $ 1,429,209.00 in sales!
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    Short domain name went up in the stratosphere, but suffered successive price drops.

    This has shaken many investors, hard to find a north to invest.

    Domainer around the world are eager to know where to mine new valuable nuggets.

    Many speculations and domain name prospects in 2017 prompted investors to look for new extensions, but they did not prove solid.

    A strong extension of domain name returned to the spotlight.

    We made a balance of domain name sales released by DNJournal.com in 2017;

    And the generic top-level domain (gTLD) dot org performed well. Showing a good investment alternative in domain name. Knowing that all name premium dot com are taken.

    The 198 dot org domain name sold in 2017, exceeded the $ 1.3 million mark.

    We could say in org domains in 2017: That the force was with him!

    Domain Name dot org most valuable in 2017?

    In the accumulated of the year, the biggest sales of org domain were:

    • Three, 
    • Eight, 
    • Six, 
    • Eleven characters!

    Three-character org domain name led the way.

    The second largest sales of org domain name were eight characters.

    In the third position of the org domain name were those of six characters.

    By little difference the org domain name of eleven characters took up the 4th place.

    See the detailed chart of the four best positions in the org accumulated sale ranking of 2017.

    Total Domain Name org sales accumulated in 2017?

    Domainyx: Year 2017 proved that this may surprise, check it out!
    Only these four character sets accounted for more than 50% of the org domain name total sales in 2017

    Total Sales Three characters gTLD org accumulated in the year?

    Domainyx: Lie! They led the sales domain name dot org. But new opportunities will happen!
    Sale of Domain Name gTLD org exceeded $ 250 thousand
    September 2017 was a great month for domainer with domain name portfolio gTLD org.

    September 2017 was evidenced nine sales of domain name dot org of three characters.

    Accumulated in September 2017 for three characters dot org was $ 81,388.00.

    Average price per domain name in September 2017 was $ 9,000 dollars.

    Sales of September 2017, accounted for 31.71% of the amount three characters sold in the year.

    Top sales dot org of three characters:

    • Ton.org; Sold for the price of $ 48,000.00
    • CRM.org; Bought at price $ 31,100.00
    • KPI.org; Sold at $ 23,000.00

    CRM.org and KPI.org sold to end users. Both have websites online.

    Ton seems to be investor or end user to develop some project.

    How many Eight org characters sold in 2017?

    Domainyx: Year 2017 statistics proved that the best sales of domain names was between 3 to 11 letters.
    Generic Top-level Domain org, eight characters consolidated sales of 2017 at $ 175,515.00

    The eight-character org domain name had the best sales performance in the months of March, September, and December.

    December stood out with a single sale, a unique org domain name, knocked on the door of the 100k.

    December 2017, was a happy month for investors in Crypto currencies, which left the owner of the domain name Goldcoin.org happy.

    Goldcoin.org was responsible for 36.7% of the total dot org sales of eight characters in 2017.

    Top sales dot org of eight characters:

    • Goldcoin.org; Sold for the price of $ 94,400.00
    • Bestrong.org; Bought at price $ 15,000.00
    • Baccarat.org; Sold at $ 12,000.00

    Goldcoin.org and Bestrong.org sold to end users. Both have websites online.
    Bestrong direct to Bestrong.global.

    Baccarat.org seems to be an investor or end user to develop some project.

    Domain Name dot org of Six characters reached good performance?

    Domainyx: Everything indicates that the 8 letter domains offered better optimization.
    Domain name dot org of six characters sold the total $ 168,332.00
    If this trend consolidates, it will show that investors in the domain name are adopting new concepts and breaking paradigms.

    It is only to note that the second, third and fourth place with the highest value accumulated in sales in the year 2017, had the average of 8.33 characters.

    March 2017 was the month in which sales domain name org of six characters, had prominence.

    A single sale amounted to $ 75,000.00.

    Followed by June 2017, where two domain name sales, reached $ 32,794.00.

    Still had two more sales in the month of September and October, with an average price of
    $ 11,400.00, by domain name.

    The general average in the year 2017, for sale domain name org with six characters, was $ 9,901.88.

    Top sales dot org of six characters:
    • Riseup.org; Sold for the price of $ 75,000.00
    • Incite.org; Bought at price $ 20,250.00
    • Russia.org; Sold at $ 12,544.00
    • Strive.org; Sold at $ 11,000.00
    • Intake.org; Sold at $ 11,800.00

    Incite.org and Intake.org sold to end users. Both have websites online and under construction.

    Riseup.org, Russia.org, Strive.org seems to be an investor or end-user to develop some project.

    Domain Name of Eleven characters accumulated significant values?

    Domainyx: It's OK! Many experts on domain name, also make mistakes. "Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future .. "
    Domain name dot org of eleven characters sold the total $ 168,332.00
    You can refer to the statistics below by analyzing the feasibility of buying and selling domain name dot org 11 characters.

    Trend of domain name not short, Sold well.

    Importantly, two sales of eleven characters, was in the top 5.

    Best month performance to sell domain name eleven character was February and July.

    The average price for the 11-character domain was $ 11,610.43.

    Top sales dot org of eleven characters:
    • Convenience.org; Domain sold $ 55,000.00
    • Bitcoincash.org; Domain sold for $ 48,888.00
    • Mobilehomes.org; Two words almost 20k, $ 18,800.00
    • Peoplepower.org; Fourth best sale, also good, $ 10,000.00

    All of these domain name sold to end users: Convenience.org, Bitcoincash.org, Peoplepower.org. Everyone has an online site.

    Mobileholmes.org seems to be an investor or end-user to develop some project.

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